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Guide for Authors

The aim of the journal is to publish papers from scientific disciplines covering

the Measurement science with an orientation toward:

theory of measurement,

measurement of physical quantities,

measurement in biomedicine. 

Your paper must have a character of a basic scientific research paper in the “Measurement Science” sphere, (new theory, analysis, synthesis, modeling, new measurement method, new sensors, data processing, data interpretation, graphical evaluation, new results,.....).

Peer-reviewers will evaluate all relevant submitted manuscripts. 

   Publication charge: 35.- Euro per page, max. 10 pages.   

   Pages above 10:  70.- Euro per page above 10.   

   Payment after positive review process.                 


Instructions for the manuscript structure: 

Maximum 10 pages A4, including title, name(s), affiliation, fax and/or e-mail address, in camera-ready form, margins top and bottom:  Please see Templates.

Papers shorter as 4 pages will be accepted as "Short Communication".

Papers in the following formats: Microsoft Word ( .doc or .docx ),  or LATEX should be sent by e-mail to the address:

A typing size of 18 points for title, 12 points for list of authors, 9 points for the Abstract and Keywords  and 10 points for the text is requested.

Color or black-and-white pictures, line drawings and graphs have to be drawn with high quality.

The body of the manuscript should be preceded by an Abstract limited to about 10 lines, followed by up to 6 keywords. The Abstract will be also published in the appropriate PAPER SECTION together with author's names and the paper title.

The paper should be reasonably subdivided into sections and, if necessary, to subsections. 

For scientific contributions (full papers) the following scheme is required:


Template.doc    Template.docx


 Instructions for Authors on  REFERENCES

 LATEX Template   Templatex.pdf

Abstract - centered on the page.

Keywords: - about 6 items

1.  Introduction - the topic of the article should be defined clearly and short review of published essential solutions and comparison with the authors results should be given.

2. Subject & methods - main ideas, theory, mathematical formulations, includes the data on the measuring method and instruments as well as experimental results. This part  should be accompanied by exact references.

3. Results - results should be summarized briefly and main authors scientific contributions should be demonstrated

4. Discussion / conclusions - presents a critical analysis, interpretation and evaluation of the obtained results.


References  - quoted in the text in square brackets and listed at the end of the paper in the order they have appeared in the text.


Figures and illustrations are required to be PC processed and placed to the paper to a desired place. 


Vector formats of illustrations are preferred, e.g.  .eps, .wmf, .cgm, or bitmap formats as .pcx, .bmp, .tif, .jpg.

Photographs, black-white or colored, must be sufficiently enlarged according to one-column or two-column interpretation.


Typed tables are not regarded as figures. They have to be numbered separately (Table 1., Table 2.,  etc) with all necessary text or comments placed above them.


After the evaluation by two independent peer reviewers and ultimate changes made in submitted papers, please return the final version of your paper by e-mail prepared by MS-Word format.

The papers will be published in PDF format with appropriate headers of the Journal and with running numbering of pages.

Every author will be informed about the date of publishing of his paper in the Journal.

In order to speed up the review process it is recommended to propose several reviewers

  for every submitted paper, (NOT from a country of authors),  please see: 

Word Template for your paper