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Dear Colleagues,


In September 2001 Institute of Measurement Science, Slovak Academy of Sciences started to publish an Internet on-line edition of MEASUREMENT SCIENCE REVIEW as an official journal of the Institute of Measurement Science and also journal of the International Conference MEASUREMENT.

The aim of the journal is to publish papers from scientific disciplines covering the Measurement science with an orientation toward the theory of measurement, measurement of physical quantities and measurement in biomedicine. 

We believe that the Journal is providing an environment for information exchange among scientists, engineers and industry people, as well as encouragement of effective and coordinated research cooperation. The advantage of the Journal is the speed of publication, just in the day of receiving positive reports from reviewers.

The Institute of Measurement Science of the Slovak Academy of Sciences as the main coordinator of the Conferences „MEASUREMENT” has wide scientific contacts within the measurement science community and numerous scientific co-operations with international institutions. Scientists from these institutions are also involved to the Editorial Board and as paper evaluators. This gives adequate guarantee that the Journal will preserve a high level of scientific content.

I am sure that MEASUREMENT SCIENCE REVIEW concerning the latest development in Measurement Science will be an excellent opportunity for exchanging experiences, establishing new contacts and making new friends.




Prof. Ivan Frollo, DrSc.

Editor in Chief